Seeing the other side through Marupakkam documentary films

An old Hitachi video cassette recorder (VCR) and some mould-infected cassettes lying unused inside the storage room of documentary filmmaker...

Assam-Mizoram border clash tatters BJP’s unity bid in Northeast

The Assam-Mizoram police clash was the first major test for Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma after he took over the reins of the state in May this year

Riches from the ruins—Keeladi findings in photos

The seventh phase of Keel...

What happened to India’s neighbourhood-first policy? Answer lies in Ch...

The absence of a robust regional cooperation mechanism after the SAARC became dormant has provided space to China to expand its influence in the region.
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Space: The new wild wild west

The world watched with awe the suborbital flight of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Unity by British business magnate Richard Branson and his team on July 11, 2021. A few days later, Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket took Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos and his small team just past the edge of space. Heralded as the birth of Ne...

Yediyurappa, who fathered the BJP in Karnataka, now set to take the final bow

For Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, life, or rather politics, has come a full circle, having led the BJP from the scratch to the top in the state, and now set to take a bow.

Northeast Narcos set for a showdown with state

Fifty-year-old Th. Paone is as unassuming as the town she made her operational base. Lahorijan, a one-street settlement squeezed between the National Highway 129 and the railway corridor that connects western parts of Assam with its eastern flank via Dimapur in Nagaland does not even qualify to be called a town. It would have remained just a ...

Light, camera, cut! When these Tamil films came under state lens

The Centre’s move to dilute the existing powers of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) or Censor Board through the draft Cinematograph Bill has triggered a lot of commotion in the film industry.

Living with rare diseases: Five families, one shared hope

Both the Centre and states do not have a policy to support the treatment for rare diseases and India has no budget for rare diseases.


Mizoram feels the pinch after Assam blocks COVID essentials, fuel trucks

Assam has officially denied any blockade, but several non-state actors have been disrupting truck movement at the entry point of Mizoram

When two geniuses meet: Ramanujan, Mahalanobis, and a Sunday puzzle

Srinivasa Ramanujan, the ...

The Federal Crossword: 065

This crossword has a mix ...

Delhi University to start admission process for UG courses from Monday

Newdelhi: The Delhi University will...

India records single-day rise of 41,831 new COVID cases, 541 deaths

India saw a single-day rise of 41,831 new COVID-19 cases, taking the tally to 3,16,55,824, according to Union Health Ministry data updated on Sunday.




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How Dalit-Muslim votes could play out in ‘unparalleled’ UP

Dalits and Muslims are centrepieces in Uttar Pradesh crucible. How their interests converge or diverge could decide not only the future of those in power in Lucknow but also in Delhi.

Why Tamil film Methagu is more than just about LTTE chief Prabhakaran

Most films on Sri Lankan Tamils have fallen into the stereotyping trap. It is against this backdrop that Methagu, made by debutant director T Kittu on LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, assumes special significance.

Tamil filmmaker, Tolstoy descendant to bring Russian great back to life

Tamil filmmaker G Venkatesh Kumar is now all set to make a documentary film on the life and literature of Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy.

Separated by Covid and a hostile border, Indo-Chinese couples yearn to reunite

Separated by pandemic, bilateral ties and border tensions, mixed couples in India and China yearn to reunite despite all odds.

BJP’s mission Northeast: How it started vs where it’s going

The rise of the BJP in the Northeast in recent times has intrigued many, considering the region is home to more than 200 communities of India.

Drone ban grounds cinematic dreams of Kashmir’s cameramen

There was no need to ban drones in Kashmir, as all drone operators were taking aerial shots only after seeking proper police permission.

There’s no stopping these women mountaineers scaling the Everest

Women are better suited for mountaineering physiologically due to their greater natural endurance, and there is no stopping them from scaling the Mount Everest.

Mayawati is not done throwing googly. But will BSP bounce back?

A series of tweets from Mayawati on June 27, in which she asserted that the BSP would go alone in 2022 assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, has raised eyebrows in the political circles in the state. Of course, earlier too, BSP was known for shunning pre-poll alliances on the ground that while BSP votes were transferred to candidates of other parties...

Why all is not lost for this wild berry of Ladakh, seabuckthorn

Despite the challenges, seabuckthorn cultivation and trade has remained a noticeable horticulture activity in Ladakh since 2018.

ASHA workers battle COVID-19 amid poor pay, safety

ASHA workers have been toiling hard across the country in the war against Covid-19 but face the brunt and neglect of the society and government.

How Karnataka’s Bhovi diggers are making sure all is well

Many urbanites think open wells exist only in villages now. They don’t know that it can be done in their backyard in cities like Bengaluru.

Once in 27.5 million years, Earth undergoes massive cataclysmic events

Scientists have put together 89 major events that changed the face of the earth over several million years, including the birth of continents.

How Indian Coffee House is fading into history it once hosted

A hub of political and economic discussions and hotter debates, a second home for journalists, a classroom for students and a paradise for artists, that is what Indian Coffee House is.

100 years on, what makes Nadars a success story in banking

Many would know Tamilnad Mercantile Bank as a bank that caters to businesses, especially small and medium ones, started by Nadar community.

How Covid-19 is crushing Darshini hotels in Bengaluru

The quintessential Darshini fast food eatery, found in every nook and corner of Bengaluru, is fast losing the plot amid the Covid-19 pandemic as business fails.

All eyes on Venus: What upcoming missions are planning

Venus, earth's closest neighbour, although very hot, has aroused the curiosity of global spacefarers, perhaps to explore future possibilities of life on the planet.

Tulu cinema at 50 yrs: A milestone in the history of the country’s sub-regional film ...

At a time when the 85-year old Kannada cinema is still struggling for survival because of its limited market and a fast-changing business centric-entertainment scenario, its sibling Tulu cinema has crossed its 50-year mark. On the lines of other film industries, Tulu cinema is also currently hit by the closure of screens and restriction of shoot...

Semiconductor crunch: Why India may have a bargaining chip in future

The widespread knock-on effects of the chip shortage have highlighted how semiconductors have become a foundational technology for the functioning of the modern world.

How industrial pollution ruined farming for Udhampur villagers

Farmers in Udhampur district have been upset by industries polluting water sources. And the authorities do not seem eager to take any action.

Why Paresh Barua joining peace talks may not bring the end of insurgency in Northeast...

Paresh Barua, the militant leader, who was a first-class soccer goalkeeper before taking up arms forming the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) in 1979, is known for being acrobatic with his words.  
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