Tamil actor Vijay cycles his way to polling booth in Chennai

Fans thought Vijay wanted to highlight fuel price rise, but the actor's publicist said he did so to avoid parking problem

Actor Vijay riding a bicycle through crowded streets of Chennai on Tuesday. Pic: Twitter

Tamil actor Vijay’s fans were delighted to find their ‘hero’ riding a bicycle to a polling booth in Chennai on Tuesday (April 6).

Fans thought he wanted to make a statement against rising fuel prices, but the ‘Master’ actor’s publicist clarified later that the star preferred a cycle to his car to avoid parking problems in the narrow street where the polling booth was located.

Vijay cycled his way through the crowded streets with police and fans following him on two-wheelers. The video has gone viral since.

Vijay, who was wearing a light blue shirt, a black face mask and dark blue jeans, has been very vocal on political and social issues. He uses platforms like film and music release to express his views without inhibitions.


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The BJP in Tamil Nadu was very critical of Vijay when his film, Mersal, showed scenes that annoyed the right-winged party. A few days later, while he was shooting for his film ‘Master’, the Income Tax department conducted raids on Vijay’s properties.

His earlier films, which were critical of demonetisation and other policies of the Union government, have become big hits in Tamil Nadu.

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Vijay and his movies have been very popular with the youngsters in Tamil Nadu. Therefore, his political statements do make an impact on the young minds. The DMK has been trying to cash in on Vijay’s anti-Centre stand to win back the state of Tamil Nadu after this state elections.

The results of the state polls will be declared on May 2.