‘Ready to rectify if I made any mistake’: Pilot on return to Jaipur

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot avoided meeting his former deputy Pilot as he flew to Jaisalmer

Sachin Pilot
Congress leader Sachin Pilot at a press conference at his residence in Jaipur | Photo: PTI

Congress leader Sachin Pilot called Rajasthan his “karmabhumi” and said he will always be there for the people as and when they need him.

The former deputy CM returned to Rajasthan on Tuesday (August 11), a day after he met the Gandhis in Delhi and buried the hatchet after he was given a chance to air his discontent against the “head of the family”.

Speaking at a press conference in Jaipur on Tuesday evening after his month-long tussle with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Pilot said he was “hurt” by what was said about him.

“Airing views within party, trying to address issues of governance is not rebellion. Even (Congress leader) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra agreed. She said we are all part of the same family, how can there be any differences? If I have made any mistake, I am ready to rectify it,” the former deputy CM said.


“I have not asked for any post. I have only said there should be no vendetta politics against the MLAs who are returning to the fold,” the 42-year-old leader said on the 18 rebels who supported him.

When asked about his possible return to the cabinet, Pilot said, “I am an MLA and a Congress worker, I will do whatever party asks me to do. I hold no grudges, have no ego.”

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On Ashok Gehlot, Pilot said, he respects his former boss. Notably, during the month-long tussle, Gehlot had called Pilot “nikamma (useless)” and accused him of conspiring with the BJP to topple his government.

Meanwhile, Gehlot clearly gave Pilot the cold shoulder as he flew to Jaisalmer in the morning on Tuesday and stayed there, avoiding any contact with his former deputy CM.

Speaking to NDTV later, Pilot talked about his month-long ordeal. “I was hounded and sent notices, how I am supposed to take a decision? It is only when it stopped that I decided to have a dialogue. I am thankful to the party high command for hearing me out.”

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