‘Don’t make people fight’: Gehlot tells media amid power tussle with Pilot

Gehlot said the media should stick to the truth, should fulfil their duty in the public interest, and should support the govt in reiterating the truth, without presenting false figures or praising the govt falsely

Ashok Gehlot
Gehlot said the Congress election campaign in the state would focus on the schemes and programmes launched by his government. (File photo)

Amid a tussle over leadership with his former deputy Sachin Pilot, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said the media should not make people fight.

Interacting with reporters in Jaipur on Monday (April 24), he asserted that the Congress election campaign in the state would focus on the schemes and programmes launched by his government. The veteran Congress leader also exuded confidence that his party would return to power based on the work done in the last five years.

Ongoing tussle between Gehlot and Pilot

Gehlot’s comments come in the backdrop of an ongoing tussle with Pilot. The duo has been at loggerheads over the chief minister’s post ever since the Congress formed the government in Rajasthan in December 2018.

Recently, Pilot opened another front against Gehlot by holding a day-long fast while alleging that the state government did not take action against the alleged corruption during the tenure of the BJP regime led by Vasundhara Raje, as promised before the 2018 assembly polls.

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Gehlot, however, has not offered any direct reaction to Pilot’s attack.

On Monday (April 24), he said the media should not make people fight.

Media should stick to the truth and facts: Gehlot

“The media should stick to the truth and facts The media should not make us fight with each other. They (media persons) should fulfil their duty and it is in the public interest. The media should support the government in reiterating the truth,” he said.

“I do not say present false figures or praise us falsely, but I would like the media to run based on truth. The media is under the pressure of the central government, but they should see the interest of the public,” Gehlot told reporters in Jaipur.

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About his government’s schemes and the upcoming assembly elections, the Congress leader said the party’s campaign would focus on the schemes of his dispensation.

“In the elections, Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), (Union Home Minister) Amit Shah will take part in big road shows, spend money, and do everything to win the elections. But we have decided that we will move forward on the basis of the (state) government’s works,” he said.

Assembly elections in Rajasthan are due later this year.

Gehlot pats his own back for excellent fiscal management

The state government has taken many decisions, Gehlot said, and lauded it for its excellent fiscal management and steps to not impose any tax.

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“We will move forward with these things. Our campaign will revolve around this. BJP leaders who come will speak so many things, but we will not pay attention to them. We will do our work,” he said.

“The government is fulfilling the pledge of serving the public and fulfilling promises,” Gehlot said.

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