Claims, counter-claims, twists…Aryan Khan case turns murkier and messier

Malik has repeatedly termed the cruise drugs bust case "fake" and levelled a series of allegations against Wankhede

Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik continues to fire salvos at the NCB

Conspiracy theories continue to hound the Aryan Khan case.

Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik has claimed that NCB official Sameer Wankhede was part of a bigger plot to kidnap Aryan Khan, the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan who was recently arrested (later released on bail) in a drug case. Malik said the sensational drugs bust case off the Goa-bound cruise was actually a case of kidnapping and ransom and not what it appeared to be. He said Aryan did not buy a ticket for the cruise party, but it was Pratik Gaba and Amir Furniturewala who brought him there.

In a press conference on November 7 (Sunday), NCP leader and MVA minister Malik claimed that it was a matter of kidnapping and ransom. Mohit Kambhoj is the mastermind and partner of Sameer Wankhede in demanding ranson. He claimed that BJP leader Mohit Kamboj met Wankhede outside the Oshiwara crematorium where Wankhede’s mother is buried.

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Malik, however, said that he couldn’t get the CCTV footage of their meeting but he will soon release a video to prove his claim.
Malik claimed BJP leader Mohit was the “mastermind” of the plot. He further claimed that Wankhede had met Mohit at a graveyard in suburban Oshiwara. Aryan Khan was last month arrested following a raid led by Wankhede on a cruise ship from which drugs were allegedly seized.
Malik has repeatedly termed the cruise drugs bust case “fake” and levelled a series of allegations against Wankhede, who has now been taken off the case.
Earlier, on Saturday (November 6), BJP leader Mohit Kambhoj had addressed the media putting forward his own conspiracy theory. According to him, Sunil Patil from Dhule, “who is closely associated with NCP leaders, including former Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh”, was the mastermind of the cruise drug bust episode.
According to Kambhoj, Sunil Patil sent a WhatsApp message to Sam D’Souza on October 1 and told him that he had leads on 27 people who were going to consume illegal drugs at a cruise party. He told Patil to connect him with someone in the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and D’Souza allegedly spoke to officer VV Singh from the anti-drugs agency and informed him about the sale and consumption of drugs in the cruise party. The BJP leader turned the tables on NCP leaders by claiming that Patil asked D’Souza to get a person named Kiran Gosavi to coordinate with the NCB for action in the case.
Kambhoj was trying to link the controversial Gosavi, who is currently in jail, to Sunil Patil and to NCP ministers. He said Patil is reportedly close to NCP ministers and might also be guilty of hatching a conspiracy to extort money from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and falsely implicate BJP in the case.