COVID-cured BJP MLA dances inside crowded temple without mask

The video, which is being shared widely on social media, shows BJP MLA Madhu Shrivastav without face masks dancing to hymns in the temple while his supporters cheer him

Madhu Shrivastav said he owned the temple where he was seen dancing and that masks were not mandatory inside. File photo: PTI

Gujarat BJP MLA Madhu Shrivastav, who was recently discharged after recovery from COVID-19, was seen in a video flouting social distancing norms as he danced and sang hymns with his supporters at a crowded temple in Gujarat’s Vadodara district.

The temple is located in Gajrawdi area of the district.

The video, which is being shared widely on social media, shows the MLA dancing to hymns while his supporters cheer him. Except for two musicians, no one could be seen wearing masks.

When contacted, Shrivastav told The Indian Express, “The video of me dancing in the temple is true. I do it every Saturday. I went there yesterday as I have been going since over 45 years. This is not anything new. I have not flouted any guidelines because the government has allowed gatherings. There is circular regarding the same. There were just a few people and it was my private gathering.”


Shrivastav also said he owned the temple and that masks were not mandatory inside. “I own this temple. There is no need for any masks inside a temple. I sing bhajans on my own as I have been doing since several years,” he said.

Other senior BJP leaders refused to comment on the issue.

Shrivastav had tested positive for COVID-19 during the end of August and was hospitalised for over a week. He recently completed his required quarantine period.

Furthermore, his long-time personal assistant also died while undergoing treatment for COVID-19 shortly before Shrivastav tested positive for the viral infection.