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Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and his son Akhil and several others volunteered for the FR system at RGIA. Photo: Twitter/PTI

Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna enrol for face recognition tech at Hyderabad Airport

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Former Union Minister Chiranjeevi and actor Nagarjuna were among 4,000 passengers who voluntarily enrolled for face recognition technology at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport here from July 1 to 31, when it was implemented on a pilot basis.

In line with the Centre’s DigiYatra programme, GMR Hyderabad International Airport implemented trials of face recognition last month by setting up dedicated FR registration counters near two departure gates, official sources said.

Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and his son Akhil and many more volunteered for the FR system. In one month, more than 4,000 passengers enrolled for face recognition technology at RGIA, the sources said.

“Hundreds of enrolled frequent flyers have already used the facility several times to access the terminal using the FR E-gate at RGIA,” sources said.

During trials, CISF personnel at the airport physically checked the applicants identity proof and post successful verification, a unique DigiYatra/FR ID for the passenger was generated.

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While the FR registration has stopped, flyers who have registered themselves for FR at RGIA could still use the existing FR E-gate to access the terminal, the sources said.

Digi Yatra involves digital processing of passengers at airports under which they will be automatically processed, based on facial recognition system at check points like entry point check, entry in to security check and aircraft boarding.

Additionally this will also facilitate self-bag drop and check-in, using facial recognition to identify passengers and data recall.

Digi Yatra will facilitate paperless travel and avoid identity check at multiple points, an official release had earlier said.

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