TN cops find body of missing teen in Andhra, detain husband
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TN cops find body of missing teen in Andhra, detain husband

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A month after an 18-year-old girl went missing, Tamil Nadu police on Sunday (July 31) recovered her body from Kailasa Kona falls near Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and detained her 19-year-old husband on charges of murder.

M Tamizh Selvi and Madhan, a mechanic, both residents of Red Hills in Chennai, got married a couple of months ago. However, since June 25, Tamizh Selvi’s parents said they were unable to reach her. When they inquired Madhan about their daughter, he allegedly gave them evasive answers.

Growing suspicious, Tamizh Selvi’s father Manickam filed a complaint with the Red Hills police, based on which a ‘missing woman’ case was filed to trace the girl.

During investigation, Madhan allegedly confessed to having killed Tamizh Selvi under the influence of marijuana and disposed her body at the Kailasa Kona falls. Red Hills police took him to the falls, but could not trace the body. They let him go due to lack of evidence.

Parents allege laxity in investigation

Unhappy with the investigation, Tamizh Selvi’s parents filed a Habeas Corpus petition before the Madras High Court on July 12.

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Speaking to The Federal, Manickam alleged that police handled the case carelessly and let Madhan off in the middle of the investigation after they couldn’t find the body.

“We have been demanding to take action ever since we filed a complaint. We even expressed our suspicion about Madhan. Despite that, the police did not act on the complaint. They did not handle the case sensitively,” Manickam alleged.

‘Killed wife under influence of marijuana’

A day after the Habeas Corpus petition was heard by the Madras High Court, Red Hills police found Tamizh Selvi’s body in the hills with the help of Madhan.

A policeman privy to the investigation said that initially they did not believe Madhan because he said he committed the murder under the influence of Marijuana.

“We took him to the hills and asked him to show us the spot. He took us to various places, but we could not find the body anywhere,” a policeman associated with the Red Hills Station said.

After the girl’s body was retrieved on Sunday, Narayanavanam Mandal Town police station in Andhra Pradesh filed a case of unidentified body and sent the corpse for autopsy.

“After the autopsy, once the identity of the girl and the nature of death is ascertained, a case of murder would be filed,” said Naraynavanam Mandal town police.

Stabbed wife, broke legs and left her to die: Police

Meanwhile, police have recovered the CCTV footage from the location that shows Madhan entering the falls with Tamizh Selvi and returning alone hours later.

Police said that the investigation has revealed that Madhan stabbed Tamizh Selvi in the hills and left her there before breaking her legs so that she can’t escape.

“He even placed a log on her to prevent her from escaping. We could see everything at the time of retrieving the body,” a policeman associated with Red Hills police station said.

Police also confirmed that Madhan had taken his wife to the hills with the intention of killing her. “Since he carried a knife along with him, it became clear that he had taken her to the hills with the motive of killing her and disposing her body there,” police said.

Even though the incident has occurred in Andhra Pradesh and a case filed there, the murder is being investigated by Tamil Nadu police.

Chennai, Madhavaram Deputy Commissioner of Police, Manivannan said that they have detained Madhan and would proceed with the investigation once the post-mortem report is out.

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“A murder case has been filed in Andhra Pradesh. Once the autopsy gets over, we would do everything as per the procedure,” Manivannan said.

Asked about Manickam’s allegations about the initial lackadaisical approach of the Red Hills police, Manivannan refuted the charges and said that police were inquiring and have been looking for the girl since the missing complaint was filed.

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