TN 3rd among all states in exports in 2021, 4 districts export $10k million
India has major opportunities 'in low-skill manufacturing and services, which it could exploit in the post-COVID-19 environment where firms are looking to exit China and diversify their sources of supply'.

TN 3rd among all states in exports in 2021, 4 districts export $10k million

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Tamil Nadu ranks third among all states in terms of exports in 2021, according to the export data released by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

According to the ministry data, Gujarat leads the list, with products worth $52,056 million having been exported from eight districts of the state from April 2021 to September end.

In Tamil Nadu, four districts have exported a total of $10,783 million. Kancheepuram district has the maximum export to the extent of $4587.56 million, followed by Chennai with $2563.29 million.

The other two districts in the state that are in the list are Tirupur and Coimbatore. Kancheepuram stands fourth among 30 districts, in regard to the total exports. Jamnagar in Gujarat is at the first place with $22,110.60 million, and the maximum export from this district are petroleum and petroleum products.

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Under the ‘Districts as Export Hubs Initiative’, products and services with export potential have been identified for all districts of the country. The list of such identified products and services is regularly updated on the basis of inputs received from the states and Union Territories.

“District export action plans have been prepared for such identified products and services for overseas markets, which include specific actions required to support local exporters and manufacturers, in producing and manufacturing identified products in adequate quantities and with the requisite quality, for reaching potential buyers outside India,” said a senior ministry official.

These plans also include identifying and addressing challenges for exports of such identified products or services, improving supply chains, market accessibility and handholding for increasing exports.

Kancheepuram contributes engineering and auto components, silk weaving, textile garments, software, food processing, tourism- heritage and medical.

Kancheepuram silk is world famous and the silk sarees are exported. Similarly, it is only in the undivided Kancheepuram district where all IT companies, car manufacturing companies and other companies are situated. The district, which has hundreds of temples, attracts thousands of tourists from India as well as from abroad.

Following Kancheepuram is Chennai, which contributes biotechnology, food processing, marine products, jewelry products, apparels, and software services.

Tirupur contributes hosiery garments as well as world class apparels. Many worldwide famous brands’ apparels are manufactured in Tirupur.

Similarly, Coimbatore exports engineering products such as foundry, motors and pumps, automobile engineering components, iron castings, aluminum castings, wet grinders and home appliances, textiles such as yarn and fabrics, poultry products, vegetables, coconut and coir products, and Kovai Kora cotton sarees.

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In Tamil Nadu, all the four districts are situated only in the North and western parts of the state. Tamil Nadu’s South, which has many districts, has good potential to become export districts, provided investments by IT and marine companies come forward.

In terms of state wise exports, Tamil Nadu stands third after Gujarat and Maharashtra, which has seven export districts with a total of $30,002.95 million. Of this, Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban more than $15,500 million.

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