Tamil Nadu government subsidy to TANGEDCO
A senior official pointed out that if all the government departments pay the money pending to Tangedco, the discom will be able to pay off its debts to power generators.

TANGEDCO steps in to solve voltage issue by changing transformers

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Quality of power across Tamil Nadu will soon be better, as TANGEDCO has taken steps to change transformers, after complaints from consumers about repeated voltage fluctuations.

TANGEDCO has identified more than 8,900 places across the state which had voltage problems. After checking the transformers, in more than 7000 places, transformers or parts of the transformers have been changed, thereby solving the voltage problems.

“Through Minnagam, we received complaints on voltage. Following this, we asked our linesmen as well as assistant engineers to locate the problems. Many linesmen checked the last spot of a line, through which power is supplied to the transformer, and found that the voltage was less in most of the places and in some places, it was high,” said a senior TANGEDCO official.

Voltage problem has been one of the main issues which many domestic consumers as well as farmers and industrial consumers were facing for the past several years.

“Soon after Minnagam was launched, many domestic consumers from Chennai as well as from various districts complained about voltage problems and claimed that many of their electronic equipment had been damaged. Farmers also complained that they were not able to draw water using motors as the voltage was less,” said the official.

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“We have completed changing the transformers or the parts in the transformers in 7000 spots. In the coming months, in the remaining spots too, parts or the transformer itself will be changed and consumers will get good quality of power,” said the official.

During the recent heavy rain in Chennai, there were power cuts in only a few places in the city as compared to 2015. This is because TANGEDCO had raised the pillar boxes from the ground level.

TANGEDCO has also raised the pillar boxes in Chennai, due to which in November, when it rained in the city almost every day, the power was not cut in many areas, unless the water had entered apartments and was close to the meter.

“TANGEDCO has raised 5,674 pillar boxes in the last five months by one feet over footpaths or above water level. These were in the areas like KK Nagar, West Mambalam, Kotturpuram, Adyar Velachery etc. In these areas, the pillar boxes were raised from the ground level and due to this water did not enter these pillar boxes,” said the official.

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In 2015, many areas went without power, as apart from water entering the meter boxes, in many areas the pillar boxes were submerged.

“We could restore power in 2015 only after water drained completely and the pillar boxes were dry. Just before the start of monsoon this year, we decided to raise the pillar boxes in a large number of areas and this prevented it from being flooded,” said the official.

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