3 students rusticated in Tamil Nadu for making fun of blind teacher

In a video that went viral, the trio was seen dancing obscenely in front of their visually-impaired mathematics teacher during a class

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Representative photo: iStock

Three students at a government school in Rashipuram of Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal district were rusticated for making fun of a visually-impaired teacher.

A viral video, on the basis of which the trio was issued transfer certificates, shows them dancing obscenely in front of Panneer, the history teacher inside the classroom, reported India Today.

They also shot a video of the dance. Clueless of the mischief and the fun poked at him, the teacher continues to take the class.

The school authorities summoned the three students and issued them transfer certificates after being intimated about the incident and watching the video.


“The school authorities after watching the video were shocked and immediately passed a resolution to issue transfer certificates to the three students. It is very unfortunate that the students behaved in such a manner,” District Education Officer of Rashipuram, Balasubramaniam told India Today.