Sangh parivar experimenting with Hitler’s agenda: Ramesh Chennithala

Ramesh Chennithala - The Federal
UDF Chairman, Ramesh Chennithala called the UDF manifesto the Bible, Quran and the Gita, which was drafted after detailed consultations with experts and stakeholders

Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala on Monday (December 16) alleged the Sangh Parivar was “experimenting” with the agenda of Hitler in India and those opposing it were being threatened.

Chennithala was speaking at a joint protest meeting organised by the ruling CPI(M)-led LDF and the Opposition Congress headed UDF at the martyrs square here.

“The model before them (RSS) is the Nazi Germany of Hitler. Sangh Parivar is experimenting with the agenda of Hitler. The secularism and the brotherhood of our country is threatened by igniting fake nationalism among the people,” Chennithala said.

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“The Centre is curtailing the rights of the people to respond and protest. The anti-democratic policies of the central government has created an atmosphere of fear in the country. Media is under threat, writers are threatened,” he said.

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Alleging the saffron party was dividing people along the lines of religion and implementing the Sangh Parivar agenda, he said those opposing its agenda were silenced.

“The media which opposes it is being threatened using corporate power. Those who write against it are being threatened. Those who oppose their agenda are put behind bars using ED,” Chennithala said.

The Leader of Opposition reiterated Congress Leader Kapil Sibal’s comment in the Parliament that the country has become a Jurassic park, where two dinosaurs are ruling–one is Modi and the other is Amit Shah.

“Dinosaurs are already extinct. Their fossils are now in the museums or the zoo. There is no doubt that by 2024, the politics of Modi and Shah will become fossils exhibited in the
museums of history,” he said.

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