Maradu flats demolition: Sec 144 to be in place in evacuation zone, says police

The Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of four apartments at Maradu on May 8, 2019, for violating CRZ norms. Photo: PTI

Section 144 of CrPC will be imposed on the land, water and in the air in the evacuation zone of all the illegal waterfront apartment complexes to be demolished here on Saturday and Sunday, police said here on Friday.

On the eve of demolition of the two high-rises, built in violation of Coastal Regulation Zone norms, Inspector General of Police Vijay Sakhare also warned strong criminal and legal action will be taken if somebody tries to fly the drones in the area as it is ‘extremely dangerous” since the buildings are “charged”.

Sakhare, the Kochi City police Commissioner, said the “unique feature of this particular demolition” is that Section 144 will be imposed on land, on water and in air between 8 am and 4 pm in the areas surrounding flats to be demolished.


He said water would be manned by boats of coastal police, land by 500 policemen plus 300 striker parties for crowd control and traffic control and no drones can fly. “If somebody tries to fly, the drones will be shot down,” he added.

Since all buildings have been charged with explosives, nobody shall fly drones in the evacuation zone with immediate effect, police said.

Police have said house-to-house search will be carried out for ensuring 100 per cent evacuation of people residing in the zone.

People may witness the implosion from any place outside the evacuation zone, police had said in an advisory note issued two days ago.

Residents in the evacuation zone have been directed to switch off electricity and all appliances before leaving their homes.

They have also been advised to close all windows and doors to protect their houses from dust.

All traffic air borne, water borne, land based is prohibited in the evacuation zone, police have said. Any violation is extremely dangerous and shall attract legal action, police said.

Based on the warning siren sequence, traffic diversions will be regulated.

People may return to their homes once police removes barricades from the roads leading to evacuation zone.

The 19-floor H2O Holy faith apartment complex having 90 flats and the Alfa Serene complex with 73 flats in its 17 and 12 floors twin towers would be demolished on Saturday in a gap between 11 am and 11:05 am.

While the 17-floor Jain Coral Cove apartment complex with 122 flats would be razed at 11 am on January 12, the Golden Kayaloram with 40 flats and 17 floors would be demolished at 2 pm, authorities said.

A total of 343 waterfront flats were built in the complexes, violating the Coastal Regulation Zone norms.

The Supreme Court had in September 2019 directed demolition of the apartment complexes within 138 days, a time line given by the Kerala government.

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