Kerala high court, Ashish Desai
A "fear psychosis" has been created among the doctors, medical students and their parents because of this incident, added the court.

Kerala HC bans all forms of agitations in college, school campuses

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The Kerala High Court on Wednesday (February 26) banned all forms of agitations by student groups in school and college campuses in the state that disrupt the functioning of
educational institutions.

Banning various forms of agitations like gherao and sit-in in the campuses, the High Court also said no one can be persuaded to participate in such protests.

Noting that educational institutions are meant for academic-related activities and not for protests, Justice P.B. Suresh Kumar also said no one has the right to violate the fundamental rights of other students.

The court said educational institutions can be made a venue for peaceful discussions. The judgment was delivered on a batch of petitions filed by various college and school managements against agitations in campuses disrupting the peaceful atmosphere
prevailing there.

The court had earlier voiced its disapproval to political activities like dharna and strikes in educational institutions.

In 2017, the court had said if any student is found to be indulging in such activities, he would make himself liable to be ‘expelled and/or rusticated.’

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