Kerala floods
Landslides and flash floods in Kerala triggered by heavy rains killed 18 people in the last few days, damaged hundreds of properties and displaced thousands to relief camps

Kerala floods: Health minister cautions against spike in contagious diseases

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As widespread rains continued to lash different parts of the state, the Kerala government has cautioned people against the spread of various contagious diseases, including air and water-borne, zoonotic and vector-borne infections and issued directives to be followed to prevent it.

Rat fever, dengue, diarrhoea, typhoid, jaundice and viral fever were the diseases which could widely spread during times of floods, and utmost vigil should be paid against its outbreak, health authorities said.

Detailing the situation, Health Minister Veena George said as the state is yet to be completely free from covid-19, extra vigil and care should be shown to comply with the department’s directives.

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“Special care should be shown in the case of elderly and those with related diseases staying in the (relief) camps. Everyone should wear a mask properly. Through this,various types of other airborne diseases can also be prevented,” she said.

Health workers from nearby hospitals should visit the camps regularly, she said, adding those who are showing any uneasiness or difficulty should be shifted to the hospital at the earliest.

Those who are facing any mental stress or any psychological related issues can avail the service of councillors in the state-run Disha Helpline, the minister added.

Meanwhile, the Health Department directed people to disinfect the drinking water sources due to the possibility of being contaminated with the sewage from the septic tanks because of floods.

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