Kerala a ‘breeding centre for Islamic terrorism’ under Left, alleges BJP president

J P Nadda said the Christian community of Kerala is concerned about the demographic changes taking place in the southern state

BJP national president J P Nadda.

BJP national president J P Nadda on Friday accused the Left government in Kerala of “encouraging Islamic terrorism”, claiming that the southern state has become a “breeding centre” for the same under its rule.

Addressing a rally organised by the saffron party in Kozikode (Kerala), the BJP chief alleged that the CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) government always gives an impression that they treat every section of society equal but their policy is pseudo secularism — to get special treatment to one section of the society and try to divide other section.

“It (the LDF government) poses to be neutral but here I would like to say that it is encouraging Islamic terrorism. The Islamic terrorism is getting patronage of the CPI(M) government and Kerala has become the breeding centre for Islamic terrorism. That we have to understand,” Nadda said.

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He alleged that religious communities, especially Christian community of Kerala, are concerned about the demographic changes taking place in the southern state. “I would also like to share with you that the Kerala society at large is in discomfort because of the fast demographic changes which are taking place. And religious leaders especially from the Christian community have been raising such issues time and again.”

“We have to understand why is the religious community raising issues of demographic change which has taken place in the society. There are also concerns of narcotic jihad being raised by the Christian community and their religious leaders,” Nadda alleged.

(With inputs from agencies)