Apprehension, excitement in Kerala over Modi address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A research student Aswathy said “My friend asked me to withdraw money before the Prime Minister announces something like demonetisation. Then I checked the news and it was a discussion on what he may announce. I was pretty sure it won’t be any policy decision as the model code of conduct is in place.”

“When I first saw the tweet, I thought it would be something related to elections. He used to give gyan during polls earlier also. However, it turned out to be an altogether different one,” advocate Jackson said.

Former Union minister Shashi Tharoor tweeted “The news that NaMo was to address the nation on TV set off a minor panic among those who recalled the last time. Many honest people ran to ATMs to withdraw money & many dishonest people ran to banks to deposit cash. Pity those who, at month’s end, had 0 to deposit or withdraw!”, Tharoor, who is contesting the Lok Sabha polls from Thiruvananthapuram, said.

“Proud of our scientists who have continued the fine tradition of excellence in rocket & satellite technology on which India was launched by Nehruji.  Glad to see @DRDO_India add one more achievement to a long list! #ASATLaunch “.


Kerala PCC President Mullapally Ramachandran said Prime Minister Modi’s address to the nation was against the model code of conduct. For political gains, Modi has “misued” the expertise of the scientific community, Ramachandran said in a statement here. The foundation for the advancement in space research, being seen in the country today was laid by former Prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, which Modi should not forget, he said.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday announced that India had demonstrated anti-satellite missile capability by shooting down a live satellite,describing it as a rare achievement that puts the country in an exclusive club of space super powers.