Why attack my house, asks Congress MLA Murthy on violence in Bengaluru

The 50-year-old leader's house and two police stations were set on fire by mobs, who also damaged other property and threw stones

Akhanda Srinivas Murthy asserted that this kind of violence was not the right response. Photo: ANI/Twitter

Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, the Congress MLA from Pulakeshinagar, said on Thursday (August 13) that he was “deeply hurt” by the attack on his house in Bengaluru’s D J Halli on Tuesday (August 11) evening.

“Why have they attacked my house, I ask? What have I done? Any mistakes? If I have done any mistakes you can go to the police or media. I haven’t done anything. So the attack is very sad to me,” NDTV quoted him as saying.

The 50-year-old leader’s house and two police stations were set on fire by mobs, who also damaged other property and threw stones.


The violence left three dead and many injured, including numerous police personnel.

The incident in Bengaluru was triggered by a post on social media made by Murthy’s nephew, which was considered deeply offensive by many Muslims.

Murthy asserted that this kind of violence was not the right response. He told NDTV, “My nephew, sister’s son – whoever it is. Whoever has done it is a mistake which the police will punish. Why they punished my house? What have I done to them? It is very sad. Should not do our house. Have I done any mistake? Front of my house is completely burnt. Nothing is there. All is burnt.”

The MLA also said his family had not been home during the attack. “My family members are safe. They had gone five minutes earlier to the temple for Krishna Jansmashtami. That was the time that the public have come and attacked my house. As an MLA if they attacked me – why have they attacked my house?” he questioned, according to NDTV.

He appealed to the people, “I go to my constituency as a brother. Why have they targeted my house? If there is anything, come to me. One lakh voters in my constituencies voted for me. I am a servant. We are all brothers and sisters.”

Furthermore, he agreed with the other politicians who claimed the violence had been planned much earlier and was not a spontaneous one. “It is 100% pre-planned,” he asserted.

He also said he was going to hand over the issue to the police to be investigated. “All party leaders are going as brothers here. Why have they targeted me only? Whoever has done this, let the police investigate them. Outside people have come and caused the whole situation. Whoever it is, let them be punished. I am telling police and government to investigate this,” he says.

Murthy has received the support of other political leaders, who made similar claims about the violence and demanded for investigation. “From Congress, CLP (Congress Legislature Party) leaders Siddaramaiah, President D K Shivakumar, George, Ramalinga Reddy, Narayanaswamy, B K Hariprasad – all they came. And Deputy CM Ashwath Narayan, Ashok, Shoba Karandlaje all came,” he said, according to NDTV.

He als requested the public to not resort to violence and let the police handle any issue people might face.

“We are also human beings. If we face problems, we will get sad. Public, I am requesting you – Let the police punish whoever has done. Even my sister’s son, Naveen, what he has done, go to the police. Let them punish. Go to his house, go to police. Why have they come here? In my village other houses they also they have broken. Scooters also. Why have they done this?” he questioned.

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