Namma Bengaluru has a love-hate relationship with students

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Bengaluru is not just a city but an emotion for people who’ve been there and felt the pulse of it. The most loved Silicon city has now been ranked as India’s best city for students according to a new global rankings released on Wednesday.

Globally, Bengaluru stands 81st out of 120 countries on the list. The number of top-ranked universities, student population in the city, quality of life, job opportunities available after graduation and affordability are some categories on which these ranks are determined.

It’s the best city for some

“Namma Bengaluru is conducive to students when it comes to quality of education, the history of its institutions”, says Apoorva (24) a graduate from Bangalore. The city offers a great atmosphere in terms of heritage mixed with cosmopolitan culture, the climate is loved by everyone, the state of art and transport system and the city’s beckoning cuisine is what makes it the best, she adds. Leading institutions, the city’s ecosystem and welcoming nature are few of the other reasons why students prefer Bengaluru over other cities. “Bengaluru is a city where what you see depends on what you look for. Eminent education institutions and entertainment to balance it out makes it a student’s Zion”, says Vishakh Venkat (24), A BBA graduate from Amity University. Students coming from small town find it safe and believe the place offers great exposure.


Why do migrants love the city?

“Coming from a small town, without the exposure and opportunity that a college students gets in Bengaluru, I would never have taken the career path I took. Or had enough courage to take it either”, says Meera Govindan (22), a graduate from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. If the city has shown path to some, some believe the city accommodates people with different languages and culture and still makes them feel home.  “Yes, I totally agree that Bengaluru is the best city in India for students. People are so warm here, the city is beautiful and safe. It’s a home away from home for me”, says Akanksha (20) an architecture student from Acharya University.

Universities, Jobs get a thumbs up but affordability not so much

The city has been mainly ranked the best for students because of its top universities. Indian Institute of Science stands tall in the list of top universities globally. According to 2018 data, Bengaluru (Urban) has 893 colleges making it the education hub of India too. “Bengaluru has many leading colleges. We have many options to choose. There are top engineering, media, commerce, science, law schools all in one city”, says Meghna Sinha (24) a graduate from Jain University.

“Along with education, a student comes to Bengaluru seeking for jobs. Bengaluru is an IT hub and the center for start-ups, this clearly tells us that there are humongous job opportunities in the city”, Meghna adds.

Affordability for students is also one of the criteria on which the city has been ranked the best. Bengaluru has been ranked 7th in terms of affordability leaving 113 cities behind. Is it really affordable for students?

“Bengaluru is definitely not affordable for students in comparison to other big cities in India. Public transport is expensive. PG and hostels are also not affordable”, says Hari Krishna (23) a graduate from Seshadripuram University. Students also think that education is expensive. “Just because a lot of aspiring minds come from different states to Bengaluru, it does not mean education is affordable. It is very expensive. I have taken loan to pursue engineering”, says Lokesh (20), a mechanical student from Dr BR Ambedkar engineering college.

For some, it’s not the best

Though namma Bengaluru is home for some, there are some who don’t buy it. “Best city in what terms? I don’t think it true. Racism against North East students is still persistent. Not just that, there are a few pro-active Kannada organisations who impose the language on migrants”, says Tenzin, a graduate from Acharya University.