Javed Akhtar, Kamal Haasan react to hijab row in Karnataka

While Javed Akhtar said he does not believe in hijab or burqa but has deep contempt for mobs of hooligans, Kamal Haasan warned progressive forces in TN to be careful this religious poison from neighbouring state should not cross over

Kamal Haasan

The hijab row, which started in Karnataka in January after a protest by a group of girls from an Udupi college, snowballed into a huge controversy in the state. The pre-University education board had released a circular stating the students can only wear the uniform approved by the school administration and no other religious practices will be allowed in colleges.

To counter the demand of the girl students to wear the hijab to colleges, boys started to sport saffron scarves. The atmosphere was getting vitiated and even turned violent in some cases and to contain the situation from flaring up, Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai closed down high schools and colleges in the state for three days.

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Lyricist Javed Akhtar tweeted on Thursday (February 10) that he has never been in favour of the hijab or burqa. And that he still stands by that view but at the same time, he feels nothing but “deep contempt” for these mobs of hooligans intimidating a small group of girls. They were also not successful in their attempts. “Is this their idea of ‘Manliness”? he asked, adding “what a pity” at the situation.


Earlier, actor Kamal Haasan also condemned the act on social media. He tweeted that what’s happening in Karnataka is “provoking unrest. It is creating a communal divide among innocent students. A religious poison wall is being erected among the students who are not lying”.  He was concerned that it should not spread to Tamil Nadu. “It is time for the progressive forces (in TN) to be more careful,” cautioned the Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) chief.

Richa Chadha too posted a video of a woman wearing a hijab being singled out for intimidation by a group of men. Condemning the act, she lashed out at parents asking them to raise their sons better! It is a matter of poor upbringing, she said, saying there is no redemption for them.

“A bunch of ugly, cowards attacking a lone woman in a pack and feeling proud of it?,” she said calling them “losers”. Further, calling this act as “shameful”, she said that these boys will become jobless, more frustrated and penniless in a few years.

Actor Swara Bhasker too shared the same video and wrote, “Shameful state of affairs…(sic).”