UP website hacked; poets last name changed from Allahabadi to Prayagraj

UP website hacked; poets' last name changed from Allahabadi to Prayagraj

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The website of UP Higher Education Service Commission was hacked on Tuesday, and the hackers replaced the last name ‘Allahabadi’ of some renowned poets with ‘Prayagraj’.

“The Commission, however, was able to restore its Hindi website and the work is on to restore its English portal,” the Prayagraj-based Commission’s chairman Dr. Ishwar Charan Vishvaarma told PTI.

“A complaint about the incident has been lodged with the Cyber Cell of the city police to nab the culprits,” Dr. Vishvakarma said.

“It was evidently a handiwork of some miscreants expressing their apparent resentment over the change of name of Allahabad,” Dr. Vishvakarma said, adding that the Commission had no role in corrupting the website.

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Dr. Vishvakarma said that the renowned poets and litterateurs whose last name “Allahabadi” was replaced by Prayagraj included Akbar Allahabadi, Tej Allahabadi and Rasheed Allahabadi. He also said that the names have been corrected in the Hindi website and the work is on to correct them in the English portal of the Commission.

The names of renowned poets and litterateurs had figured on the portal in one of its sections on the city of Allahabad, whose name was recently changed to Prayagraj.

The litterateurs whose names figured on the Commission’s website included Syed Akbar Hussain alias Akbar Allahabadi, Noor Narbee, Teg Allahabadi, Shabnam Naqvi and Rasheed Allahabadi.

Reacting to the incident, Prayagraj-based journalist Dhananjay Chopra, also a noted litterateur, said that the city of Allahabad is recorded in the pages of history.

“The writers and poets like Akbar Allahabadi and Rasheed Allahabadi have lived in the city, experiencing its life and times, and that is why they suffixed their names with Allahabadi. Changing the name of Allahabad to Prayagraj is akin to changing the history,” Chopra said.

(With inputs from Agencies)

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