Who killed IB staffer? Kapil Mishra points to Tahir Hussain’s phone

AAP’s Tahir Hussain and his supporters have been accused for IB employee Ankit Sharma’s killing

Kapil Mishra
Referring to his Sunday's statement, Kapil Mishra said he has said nothing provocative | Photo: Twitter/ANI

BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who is known for his controversial remarks and accused of inciting the violence in the national capital on Sunday, has now alleged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s role in the killing of Intelligence Bureau (IB) employee Ankit Sharma.

Sharma’s body was found in a drain near his house in Jaffrabad on Wednesday and AAP councillor Tahir Hussain has been accused for his alleged role in his murder. Sharma’s father had accused AAP supporters for his son’s murder.

According to NDTV and news agency ANI, Mishra claimed on Thursday (February 27) the phone records of Hussain would prove the involvement of Kejriwal and his party colleague Sanjay Singh in Sharma’s murder.


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“If Hussain’s phone call details, during the violence, are released, it would reveal Sanjay Singh and Kejriwal’s role in the violence and Ankit Sharma’s murder,” Mishwa was quoted as saying.

Referring to unverified videos that purportedly showed Hussain on the roof of a building near Sharma’s residence, Mishra said, “The killer is Hussain. In the video, Tahir Hussain can be seen with the masked boys carrying sticks, stones, bullets and petrol bombs. Tahir Hussain was constantly talking to Kejriwal and AAP leaders.”

Responding to charges against for him after a video purportedly showed him giving Delhi Police an “ultimatum”, he said, “There was nothing inciting in my statement. I was talking to a police officer that the road be cleared. If you call those blocking the road — agitators and those asking to clear it — terrorists, it shows your bias.”

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“No question is being asked to people who are talking about dividing country or those on whose terrace petrol bombs (a reference to Hussain) were found. But someone who only requested for road to be cleared as it was causing inconvenience to 35 lakh people is being called a terrorist,” he told reporters.

Mishra has a history of making inflammatory remarks with the latest one being on Sunday, when he was purportedly heard issuing an “ultimatum” to Delhi Police for clearing a road where a sit-in protest was underway. He tweeted about it too but his tweet was removed since it “violated the Twitter Rules”, according to the microblogging site.

Earlier, in the run up to the Delhi elections, the Election Commission had imposed a two-day campaigning ban on Mishra for his controversial tweets in which he likened the February 8 polls to an Indian versus Pakistan contest.

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