Spiritual Jonty doesn’t fly, he takes a dip in Ganges; Harbhajan taunts

Post-retirement Jonty Rhodes has been inclined to spirituality and he is inspired by the Indian culture and tradition; therefore he makes regular trips to the sub-continent

Jonty Rhodes, Tour of India, The Ganges
Jonty Rhodes made a 10-day trip to the sub-continent to enrich his spirituality. Photo: Instagram/Jonty Rhodes

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh no! It’s Jonty Rhodes. This was in Jonty Rhodes heydays when he made headlines with his outstanding fielding skills for South Africa in the 1992 World Cup. But, his recent trip to India proved his beliefs in Hinduism, which he has openly stated on many occasions.

Jonty Rhodes made a 10-day trip to Pakistan and India. He posted a picture on Wednesday of him taking a dip in the Ganges in Rishikesh on his twitter handle captioned: “Benefits of cold water immersion in the Holy Ganges are both physical and spiritual #moksha #rishikesh #internationalyogfestival.”

After the former Protea player tweeted, former Indian ace spinner Harbhajan Singh who is known for his witty tweets, took a jibe at 50-year-old Jonty Rhodes. Harbhajan, in a tweet, replying to Jonty Rhodes’s pic, wrote: “You have seen more India thn me my friend… good to see you enjoying and having a dip in holy Ganga Folded hands next time take me along.”


A regular visitor to India, Jonty Rhodes is inspired by its culture and tradition. He also added India to his five-year-old daughter’s name — India Jeanne Jonty Rhodes.

Jonty Rhodes, Ganges, Tour of India, Spiritual, Rishikesh
Former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes named his youngest daughter India Jeane Jonty Rhodes. File photo.

Jonty Rhodes started his cricketing career in 1992 against India and soon after his entry into the arena he became a sensation. He was lauded mostly for his athletic skills and his tremendous team playing abilities on the field.