‘Simply planting trees not enough, we need to cut carbon emission’

Ketaki Ghate, with prolonged experience in ecological restoration of degraded land, gives a lowdown on what trees to plant, where to plant and how to help them survive in summer. She also explains the connect between climate change and trees

7 years in Digital News media and the way foward

The News Minute celebrates its 7th year as a digital news site today (February 21). How was the journey so far and what is the way forward in this digital maze? We, at The Federal, spoke with journalist and entrepreneur, Dhanya Rajendran of The News Minute

Warning system, environment study may have prevented Uttarakhand tragedy

Samrat Sengupta, an authority on climate change impact and renewables, says that conservation of natural resources should be seen as a part of any development project

Biden administration’s first foreign policy challenge – Myanmar and sanctions


Budget termed growth-oriented


Budget exercise a ‘charade;’ cess an attack on federalism: PTR


Why farmers want repeal of new laws: Vijoo Krishnan of AIKS explains

Vijoo Krishnan, the Joint Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), says that farmer organisations are protesting against the three farm laws and the changes to the Electricity Bill

Amid tensions with China, India tests world’s fastest cruise missile

Military tensions in Asia have accelerated India's trials of the world's fastest cruise missile built by the Indian military in collaboration with Russia

Increase in leopard population doesn’t call for celebration, but introspection