Who is most ‘virtuous’ of us all? An epic battle for ‘morality’ in Karnataka

To deflect all unwelcome but unavoidable attention, the party in power has shouted loud and long against Karnataka’s ‘internal’ enemies
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India’s conundrum: Greater the wealth, lesser the tax burden

The tax management strategy of the wealthy makes the direct tax regime regressive; why is it that leading businessmen are rarely spotted in the list of top taxpayers?

Hindenburg disclosure on Adani Group: Clean-up notice to all Indian companies

Few can vouch for the veracity or otherwise of Hindenburg’s research that raises serious allegations of wrongdoing against the Adani group. The present author certainly cannot. These charges could be accurate to varying degrees but that does not put Gautam Adani in the company of fly-by-night operators or the likes of arms brokers and others who pr...

Women in Bangladesh dominate life, unlike in other Muslim nations

At a time when Afghan women are forced out of jobs and schools, and Iranian women are having to shed blood to oppose imposition of hijab, Bengali women in Muslim-majority Bangladesh are enjoying an unusual spell of gender empowerment

Vajpayee’s spirit needed now to navigate democracy

It is a sad commentary on India and also the ruling party that a barely-there politician’s remarks about surgical strikes against Pakistan should trigger such venomous reaction. Digvijaya Singh certainly stepped into an avoidable minefield when he questioned the veracity of India’s military action against Pakistani terrorists. But it is not the ...

Elephant in Auto Expo room: Delays, unfair practices that buyers face

With new automobile deliveries taking longer than predicted, used car costs are progressively rising




Is India on the brink of becoming a totalitarian system?

Over the years, the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have become astute in securing head-starts over rivals in electoral battles, at least as far as public assessment goes. In an era where battles are fought as much in various media and mind spaces, as on the ground, the BJP has again leapt out from the starting blocks. This may not ensure v...

Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif’s peace moves with India alluring, but will it work?

After the recent hot exchanges in international forums, the cloud of mutual suspicion and enmity appears to have dispersed with prospects of peace between the two traditional rivals India and Pakistan once again shining bright. Before anything more is said on the subject of peace between the two neighbours, the qualifier is that such an attempt ...

The case for IndOS: Does India need its very own Android?

Android is for the world what an airport or a power distribution grid is locally — a monopoly that should be regulated rather than replicated for the sake of competition

Will US do a Bosnia on Myanmar? No-fly-zone move may involve India

If US goes ahead with the proposed no-fly zone, it would put both Delhi and Dhaka in a spot of bother. While Delhi seems to prefer "constructive engagement", Dhaka will be caught in Sino-US rivalry

Sharad Yadav: A Mandal hero with a firm ideological spine

After Ambedkar, Sharad Yadav was the most consistent anti-caste ideological OBC leader in the history of Indian Parliamentary democracy; he took on every anti-Mandalite in a historic battle, both inside and outside Parliament

Centre’s abject failure in shepherding Jammu and Kashmir to normalcy

Voluntary Defence Guards are nothing new although the J&K administration is attempting to present it as such. They also have a chequered history but efforts to give a new garb to an old system makes it amply clear the Centre’s efforts at containing terrorism have come to naught

Brazil’s US Capitol-like siege ominous for all democracies, India included

For those who support freedom and governments elected by popular vote, the storming of Brazil’s top democratic institutions is a worrisome development. In a copycat attack in the capital Brasilia, similar to the one on the US Capitol on January 6, 2020, rampaging mobs on Sunday backed by right-wing, conservative forces clearly undermined democratic...

Rahul Gandhi’s walkathon ignites ray of hope in Kashmir Valley

The yatra’s endorsement by Kashmir’s political satraps has filled the Valley with anticipation of a political alignment to take on the BJP

Green flag for green hydrogen sets India on the right path

It does not matter in the present case that the immediate beneficiaries would be the two richest Indians, Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani

SC on demonetisation: Sound judgment on unsound policy

An elected government has the right to take far-reaching policy decisions in interest of the people; if the decision goes wrong, it is for the people to punish in the next election those who led the government

A Janus view: How the watershed events of 2022 will shape 2023

The present and the future flow from the past, and so, the year that we see off will always leave its imprint on the year we ring in. But rarely is a Janus view as much an imperative to anticipate the contours of the new year, as we move into 2023. A clear vision of 2022 is essential to clear the mist over 2023. The past year has been a watershe...

Why LTTE can never be revived

More than 13 years after it met an inglorious end, one thing can be said with certainty about the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE): the once-feared insurgent group can never come alive again. Occasional arrests of people allegedly linked to the LTTE trigger speculation that attempts may be on to revive an outfit which then controlled a th...

India’s Constitution secular yes, but courts pandering to Hindu majority demands

At the end of a 135-year time-tunnel through which one of the most fiercely disputed legal cases passed, the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Ayodhya dispute on November 9, 2019, evoked a mixed response even among those who had opposed the “movement” for the Ram temple at the site of the Babri Masjid. The response on one plane was that of dismay b...

Why Rahul’s visit to Vajpayee memorial sent BJP into a tizzy

Strangely, the upshot of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s stopover in Delhi through his Bharat Jodo Yatra has turned out to be his visit to the samadhi or memorial of the first BJP Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee. Rahul paid his respects on December 26 to yesteryear’s BJP stalwart who led the country as PM for six years. This was a day after Vaj...

Post-COVID aviation industry sets sights on a sustainable future

The COVID pandemic caused unprecedented chaos in economies and businesses, causing many to reel under the stress and cave in. One of the important aspects the infection brought to the fore was the importance of sustainability for business resilience. Today, as the world recovers from the crisis, governments, businesses, and communities are looking ...

Not just BJP, Left has also kept masses away from English education

Communist leaders preach and practise exactly what the Sangh Parivar leaders do — English medium for the netas and regional language education for the masses

Get the taxation of gaming right, to realise the sector’s potential

Both income-tax and GST are applicable on online card games, which is right; however, the way these taxes are levied takes you back to the tale about the goose that lays the golden egg. Our taxmen are in a hurry to cut open the belly of the goose

Prachanda becomes Nepal PM as big powers vie for nation’s control

The Nepalis are being pushed and pulled by powers beyond their control. One is India, a traditional friend. The other is China, now a big player in Kathmandu. The US too recently jumped into the fray

Why the international moment for Indian culture is yet to arrive

Happenings at the IFFI 22 in Goa suggest that regardless of India’s growing stature economically and militarily, it chooses to remain culturally insular rather than reach out

How nationalist fervour made 5 million Argentines to receive Messi at home

An estimated 5 million people turned up to greet the victorious football World Cup winning Argentinian team in the victory parade in Buenos Aires on December 20. Reports said, it was the first such gathering for Argentina in its 500-years-old history. Visuals of the stunning show of celebration have captivated the world. Where else can you see such...
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