Maharaja Hari Singh saves himself and Kashmir from Pakistani raiders

Lt-General Maharaja Hari Singh, whose great-grandfather Gulab Singh purchased the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the British for a sum of Rs 75 lakh, ascended to the throne on September 23, 1925.

Kashmir for sale after a queen’s quest for revenge

As part of our series on ‘Operation Gulmarg’, Pakistan’s failed attempt to invade Jammu and Kashmir in 1947, we revisit the troubled history of the Lahore Darbar after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and its role in the rise of the Dogra dynasty in the Valley.

In autumn of life, 1947, Jinnah’s Eid dreams

Jammu and Kashmir, as we know it today, came into existence after the Second Anglo-Sikh war that ended in the Treaty of Lahore.