Yogi ‘keeps his word’ as UP govt sends recovery notice to 28 people

The Uttar Pradesh government has sent notices to 28 people, including an embroidery worker and a hawker of spices, who are already in custody, seeking the cost of damage caused due to their actions during the recent anti-CAA protests.

At least 16 people were killed in the protests and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said ‘revenge’ would be taken on those who indulged in violence.

The Indian Express reported that Rampur district was the first to initiate the process to recover the ‘damage caused to government property.’


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The notice asked the respondents to state why recovery proceedings should not be initiated against them for damage worth Rs. 14.86 lakh.

Embroidery worker Zameer’s mother Munni Begum told The Indian Express that she did not even have the money to engage a lawyer. The police also arrested Zameer’s neighbour Mehmood, who sold spices for a living.

The Indian Express reported that the notices had been issued following a state government order. The order was issued based on the information provided by the police which had collected CCTV footage, video clips, and photographs from media houses and local residents.

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In the notice, loss of property worth Rs 14,86,500 has been cited. The damaged items include: a police jeep of Bhot police station (Rs.7.50 lakh), a motorcycle of a sub-inspector (Rs. 65,000), motorcycle of City Kotwali police station (Rs. 90,000), wireless set, hooter/loudspeaker, 10 dandas, three helmets, and three body protectors, among other things.

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