UP man asked to pay electricity bill of ₹128 crore, power supply cut

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Shamim; the bill he received (inset). Photo: ANI

In yet another goof-up by the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd, a senior citizen from Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district has received an electricity bill of ₹128 crore. Authorities have now cut power supply to the old man’s house, reported ANI.

According to Shamim who stays with his wife in a small village, he ran from pillar to post in order to get the mistake rectified. He alleges that the board members lend him a deaf ear and insisted that he pays the amount.

“No one listens to our plea, how will we submit that amount? When we went to complain about it, we were told that they won’t resume our electricity connection unless we pay the bill. It seems that the electricity department wants me to pay the bill of whole Hapur,” he was quoted.

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“We only use fan and light. How can the amount be so high? We are poor. How we will pay such a large amount,” asked Khairu Nisha, Shamim’s wife.

Stating that the mistake happened due to a technical fault and was a no big deal, an electrical engineer said the issue will be resolved soon.

“There must have been some technical fault, once we get the bill and receipts, we will solve the issue” Ram Sharan, the engineer, said.

Earlier this year, a man from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj was sent an electricity bill for ₹23 crore.

In a similar incident, a vegetable vendor in Maharashtra, committed suicide after he was charged ₹8.64 lakh in March 2018.

Even after the smart meter project was implemented last year to keep a check on errors and meter tampering, the number of goof-ups only seems to be rising.

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