‘Stop playing PUBG’: Chennai cyber sleuths’ advice for Toxic Madan fans

Crime branch cops block arrested YouTuber’s channels, tell his ‘fans’ to focus on academics

Toxic Madan is said to have made over ₹10 lakh a month through his gaming videos that were full of obscene language. (Representational image)

‘Fans’ of jailed PUBG player and YouTuber ‘Toxic Madan’ received a friendly ‘warning’ from cyber sleuths of the Central Crime Branch: Stop playing PUBC, focus on your studies.

Last Friday, Central Crime Branch (CCB) personnel had arrested Madan OP in Dharmapuri for his alleged obscene comments against women during live streaming of his games on social media platforms. Two complains had been lodged against him.  Two days before that, his wife Kruthika had been arrested in Salem. She was said to have been complicit in his crimes.

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Toxic Madan has been remanded till July 3. On Sunday, the CCB blocked all the YouTube channels of Madan, where he operated the channels M A D A N, TOXIC MADAN 18+, PUBG Madan Girl fan and Richie Gaming YT. His videos have almost all been deleted by the police.

‘Thug life’ cops

Noting that individuals below 18 were expressing support for Toxic Madan, the cops left them a friendly note on his page: “Stop playing PUBG & Concentrate on School Subjects — Study well.” Additionally, they changed the cover picture of the channel to ‘CHANNEL BLOCKED – Chennai Cyber Crime’.

In the space for links on his YouTube channels where Madan had added his Instagram account, the police added the official link of cartoon character Peppa Pig. Madan’s own Instagram account will also be closed soon, they have said.

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The CCB’s ‘advice’ and actions went viral on social media, where the cybercrime sleuths were praised for their ‘thug life’.  In the social media parlance of the young, ‘thug life’ refers to someone coming out tops despite the odds. It is invariably accompanied by images of black cooling glasses, a thick gold chain and a lit cigarette.

Toxic Madan is said to have made over ₹10 lakh a month through his gaming videos that were full of obscene language. He is said to own two luxury cars worth ₹2 crore, a few luxury bungalows as well. His assets have all been confiscated.

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