SpaceX crew launch marks 600 space travellers in 60 years

Late on Wednesday, NASA and SpaceX launched four more astronauts including a veteran space walker to the international space station

Crew Dragon Endurance getting ready for liftoff. Photo: NASA/Twitter

NASA and Elon Musk-owned SpaceX on Wednesday launched four more astronauts to the International Space Station, aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endurance.

The crew of four included a veteran space walker and two young crewmates chosen for NASA’s lunar missions.

The repeatedly delayed flight occurred on Wednesday, just two days after SpaceX brought four other astronauts home from the International Space Station. They should have been up there to welcome the newcomers, but NASA and SpaceX decided to switch the order based on Monday’s ideal recovery weather in the Gulf of Mexico.

Germany’s Matthias Maurer became the 600th person to reach space in 60 years, according to NASA, based on his mission assignment. He and his three NASA crewmates should arrive at the space station in under 24 hours, well over a week late.



One of the astronauts chosen for the mission was sidelined last week due to a medical issue. NASA hasn’t identified the crew member neither the health issue, but has said that the person wasn’t suffering from COVID-19 and is fully recovered now. Bad weather also contributed to their flight delays.

It was drizzling on Wednesday night when the four astronauts bid goodbye to their families, with umbrellas held over them. Forecasters promised the weather would improve and it did.

The list of 600 travellers ranges from those who have barely scratched space like actor William Shatner last month to US and Russian astronauts who have spent a year or more in orbit. This year’s surge in space tourists helped push the tally over the 600 mark. That averages out to 10 people per year since Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering flight in 1961, Maurer noted.

“But I think in a very few years, we will see an exponential rise of that one because now were entering the era of commercial spaceflight,” he said after arriving at NASAs Kennedy Space Center two weeks ago. The crew launch marked SpaceX’s fourth for NASA in 1-1/2 years and the company’s fifth passenger flight overall a charter flight for four that skipped the space station. The Dragon capsule’s toilet leaked during their three days in orbit in September, necessitating a quick redesign of the flushing system in the newest capsule, named Endurance by its crew.

A balky parachute during Monday’s descent had SpaceX engineers poring over the data, before giving the go-ahead for Wednesday’s launch. One of the four chutes opened more than a minute late, a problem seen in testing and well within safety limits, SpaceX officials said Tuesday.

Mauer is one of three newbies on the crew. The 51-year-old was a finalist when he first applied to be an astronaut with the European Space Agency. Encouraged, he left his research job at a medical company and joined the space agency as an engineer, and made the astronaut cut in 2015.

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