Rahul tweets ‘Modi-made disasters’ in another scathing attack on govt

Congress leader targets govt on job losses, GST dues to states, rising COVID tally and Chinese aggression

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul’s remarks come days after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman called the contraction of economy as an ‘act of God”. Photo: PTI

Rahul Gandhi continues to fusillade the government with his acerbic barbs. Two days after the Central data showed a record GDP nosedive amid the COVID crisis and aggressive actions by China in Ladakh, the Congress leader on Wednesday (September 2) came out with a list of ‘Modi-made disasters.”

“India is reeling under Modi-made disasters: Historic GDP reduction — 23.9%; highest unemployment in 45 years; 12 crore job losses; Centre not paying states GST dues; globally highest COVID-19 daily cases, deaths; external aggression at our borders,” tweeted the Lok Sabha MP.

His remarks came days after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said at the GST Council meeting: “This year we are facing an extraordinary situation. We are facing an act of God where we may even see a contraction (of the economy)”.

On Tuesday, former finance minister Chidambaram told a news channel that “you (the government) are compounding the pandemic, a natural disaster, with a man-made disaster.”


Rahul’s reference to 12 crore people being unemployed was apparently drawn from a Bloomberg report that cited a World Bank study and said daily wagers and others were among the worst affected.

India is the third worst-affected country by the COVID pandemic with daily case count going up to 70,000 and the total death toll mounting to 66,000.

The other day, Rahul Gandhi came up with his video clip to allege that the government was trying to turn the people belonging to the informal sector into slaves.

“There is an attempt to turn you into a slave,” said the former Congress chief in a video. The video is a part of Rahul’s fresh series on economy.

“You know the big companies which constitute the formal sector. The informal sector comprises farmers, labourers and MSMEs. Till the time India’s informal sector is strong, no economic storm can touch India,” he said.

The former Congress chief has repeatedly suggested the government consider immediate social welfare steps to help the poorer sections of the society — those worst affected by the lack of economic activity during lockdown and with little, if any, money to help them through the difficult times.

Rahul had earlier come out with a five-part series on Chinese incursions in Ladakh.


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