Rahul Gandhi sharpens attack on Modi over privatisation, unemployment

The former Congress president has been consistently speaking against the Centre’s economic policies, blaming it for loss of employment and sorry state of Indian economy

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi’s comment follows the Ministry of External Affairs’ (MEA) criticism of international celebrities (most prominent being Rihana and Greta Thunberg) for commenting on the ongoing farmers' protest.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has blamed “unnecessary privatization” for the loss of employment in the country.

Stepping up his attack on the Modi government after India’s GDP contracted by a record 23.9 per cent between April and June, Gandhi reiterated his belief that unemployment levels were linked to the Modi government’s drive to privatise PSUs (public sector units).

“Today the country is facing many disasters, like the Modi government, one of which is unnecessary privatisation. The youth want jobs but the Modi government is destroying employment and deposit(ing) capital by privatising PSUs… (to) whose benefit?” Mr Gandhi tweeted.

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“(for the) development of just a few ‘friends’… which is Modiji’s special… Stop Privatisation, Save Government Jobs,” he added.

On Saturday, Gandhi tweeted a circular issued by the Department of Expenditure, to claim the government has freezed recruitment in view of the Covid crisis. Rahul Gandhi tagged a news report and commented on Twitter: “The Modi government’s thinking is minimum government, maximum privatisation. Covid is just an excuse, the government’s plan is to free government offices of all permanent staff, steal the youth’s future and propel his own friends forward.”

At an online media briefing later, Congress leader and former Union minister Rajeev Shukla said the government has come out with the circular which has suggested that new jobs cannot be created at all and the vacancies which are already existing should not be filled.

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The Centre issued a clarification. “The Dept. of Expenditure circular dated 04 Sept 2020 deals with internal procedure for creation of posts and does NOT in any way affect or curtail recruitment,” the Ministry of Finance tweeted in reply.

Last week, he attacked the Centre’s economic policies over reports of 12 crore people being unemployed amid the lockdown. Gandhi has also time and again reminded the government of its promise to provide jobs for two crore people every year. He has been critical of the Centre’s plan to privatise Indian Railways, which employs around 12 lakh people.

Gandhi has time and again claimed that demonetisation, Covid lockdown and GST are among the primary reasons for the “terrible state” of Indian economy.

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