Rahul attends no House meets on defence, demoralises forces: Nadda

The committee has met 11 times since September 2019 and Rahul Gandhi has not attended even once

Nadda asked BJP workers to help the poor in this time of a pandemic, saying this will be the best tribute to Ambedkar | File Photo

In what seems like a BJP vs Congress twitter war, leaders from both the national parties are attacking each other on the social media platform for various reasons.

Launching a fresh attack on Rahul Gandhi, BJP president J.P. Nadda on Monday (July 6) pointed out in a tweet that the Congress leader “has not attended” a single meeting of the Parliament’s standing committee on defence but continues to “demoralise” the nation and question the valour of armed forces.

Gandhi has been leading his party’s sharp criticism of the central government over a host of issues, including the continuing standoff between Indian and Chinese armies. Reacting to the deadly Galwan Valley clash that left 20 Indian soldiers martyred, Rahul Gandhi posted a short video clip on Twitter questioning “who sent these unarmed soldiers in harm’s way and why.”


He later took potshots at Prime Minister Modi with another Twitter post saying the PM had surrendered Indian territory to Chinese aggression after the he stated that no one entered Indian territory.


Nadda’s tweets came following reports that Gandhi had not attended even a single committee meetings so far. According to the Lok Sabha website the committee has met 11 times since September 2019, with the last meeting having been convened on 12 March. Rahul Gandhi who is a member of this committee has not attended it since it was formed as part of the 17th Lok Sabha.

“Rahul Gandhi does not attend a single meeting of Standing Committee on Defence. But sadly, he continues to demoralise the nation, question the valour of our armed forces and do everything that a responsible opposition leader should not do,” the BJP president said.

He added, “Rahul Gandhi belongs to that glorious dynastic tradition where as far as defence is concerned, committees don’t matter, only commissions do.” He said that it was really sad that the Congress has many deserving members who understand parliamentary matters but one dynasty will never let such leaders grow.

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