Rahul accuses govt of compromise in dealing with terrorism

Congress president Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP-led government on Saturday of compromising in dealing with the challenge of terrorism and cited the release of Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar during the NDA rule.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress headquarters here, he said, if voted to power, his party will adopt a sterner approach in combating terrorism than what the Narendra Modi government’s approach has been.

“Masood Azhar is a terrorist, he must be punished. But who sent him to Pakistan?,” the Congress chief asked, adding that his party had never sent a terrorist back to Pakistan.
Accusing the BJP-led government of destroying the country’s economy, he said, “I see a scared Prime Minister these days, who is unable to face the opposition onslaught.”

Alleging that the Election Commission (EC) is “completely biased” towards the opposition, Gandhi said according to an internal survey of the Congress, the BJP is losing the ongoing Lok Sabha polls.

“As per our internal assessment, BJP will lose the Lok Sabha election,” he said while taking questions from the media. When asked about Masood Azhar he said, “Strictest action should be taken against Azhar, but who sent him to Pakistan? We will deal with it more sternly than the Modi government,” adding that the Congress never sent any terrorist to Pakistan.

Five years ago, it was said that Modi will rule for 10 to 15 years, and that he is invincible, but the Congress has demolished him. In 10-20 days, it will come crumbling down.” he added.

When asked about Amit Shah’s allegation that Rahul’s former business partner got a defence offset contract during the UPA government he said, “Please undertake any investigation you want, do any inquiry. I am ready as I know I have not done anything wrong, but please investigate.”

Before concluding the meeting, he thanked the media for their support and mocked Modi for not having any press meet so far. “Ask PM to hold a press conference. He doesn’t have the guts to face the media,” he said.

(With inputs from agencies)

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