Put all resources in saving lives instead of building house for PM, says Priyanka Gandhi

The Congress leader was referring to the Central Vista revamp project in Delhi, which includes the PM’s house. The ambitious project is likely to get ready by December 2022 at a cost of Rs 13,450 crore

Priyanka Gandhi asked the Prime Minister to reveal his plan to protect people from the coronavirus.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday (May 4) lashed out at the Centre for “constructing a new house for the prime minister” when the country struggles to fulfill people’s need for oxygen, vaccines and hospital beds in the middle of a strong COVID second wave.

The AICC general secretary tweeted: “When the people of the country are struggling with shortage of oxygen, vaccines, hospital beds, medicines, then it would be better if the government put all the resources in the work of saving the lives of the people, instead of constructing a new house of 13,000 crores.”

Priyanka Gandhi made the statement with reference to the ongoing Central Vista revamp project in New Delhi, which includes the Prime Minister’s house besides the new Parliament building. The PM Modi’s pet project is likely to get ready by December 2022 at a total estimated cost of Rs 13,450 crore.

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The senior Congress leader from Uttar Pradesh had earlier asked the Prime Minister to reveal his plan to save people’s lives during COVID. She also asked the PM to explain why India is facing oxygen shortage when it has one of the largest production capacities in the world.

The Congress has consistently opposed the grand project, arguing that the Centre should spend this money on dealing with the pandemic at this crucial juncture.

Priyanka’s brother and another senior party leader Rahul Gandhi suggested a complete lockdown in the country with minimum income guarantee scheme, NYAY, for the vulnerable sections.

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