‘Pakistan zindabad’: Woman at Owaisi rally says there’s a difference

A video clip shows the woman chanting ‘Hindustan zindabad’ as well and saying “there’s a difference”

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi tries to stop a woman from raising pro-Pakistan slogans in Bengaluru | PTI Photo

A young woman on Thursday (February 20) raised “Pakistan zindabad” slogan at an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rally in Bengaluru, leading to major embarrassment for the organisers, who rushed to the dais and snatched her mike away. The event was attended by AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi who denounced the woman’s action.

Video footage showed Owaisi rushing to snatch her mike after hearing the woman raising pro-Pakistan slogan. Subsequently, the organisers too jumped into action and tried to snatch her mike away and remove her from the stage. However, the woman was adamant and raised the slogan repeatedly without mike.

In the video, the woman could also be seen raising ‘Hindustan zindabad’ slogan amid a loud response. Thereafter, she tries to explain why she raised the earlier slogan. “Wait, let me complete.” “The difference between Pakistan zindabad and Hindustan zindabad is that,” she was heard saying before being dragged away by police personnel.

Subsequently, Owaisi addressed the gathering and denounced her action saying he did not agree with her. “Neither me nor my party has any link with her. The organisers should not have invited her here. If I knew this, I would not have come here. We are for India and we no way support our enemy nation Pakistan. Our entire drive is to save India,” he said.

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The organisers of the event under the banner of “Save Constitution” had invited the woman to address the gathering soon after Owaisi came on the stage.

JD(S) corporator Imran Pasha claimed the woman was planted by some rival group to disrupt the event. The woman, he said, was not in the list of speakers and demanded that the police investigate the matter seriously.

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