One born to foreign woman can’t be a patriot: Pragya’s swipe at Gandhis

Reacting to the recent criticism of the Centre by the Congress, Thakur accuses party of being devoid of ethics, morale and patriotism

Thakur, a BJP MP from Bhopal has left her party embarrassed many a time with her controversial statements. Photo: PTI file

In a taunt directed at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi, BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur on Sunday said that “a person born out of the womb of a foreigner cannot be a patriot.”

Stating that ancient strategist Chanakya had said that only sons of the soil can protect the country, she said, “Videshi mahila ke garbh se paida hua vyakti rashtrabhakt ho hi nahi sakta (A person born out of the womb of a foreigner woman cannot be a patriot).”

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“If you have citizenship of two countries, how can you have any patriotic feelings,” she said questioning the Italian citizenship of the Gandhis.

She also targeted the Congress for being devoid of ethics, morale and patriotism, alluding to the volley of criticisms the party has been making at the central government over its handling of the COVID crisis and border conflict with China.

Pragya is often at the receiving end of criticisms for her controversial, and often foot-in-the-mouth statements that has left the BJP embarrassed. She in the past had deified Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, and prior to it had claimed that Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare was killed in the Mumbai terror attacks due to her curse.

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