Odisha man, wanted in 500 burglary cases over 39 years, arrested: Police


A man, who allegedly committed around 500 burglaries over 39 years across the country, was arrested in Odishas Cuttack, police said on Tuesday.

Heman Dash, known as the “crowbar man”, was arrested on Monday after being identified as a suspect in three burglary cases in Bhubaneswar, they said.

After being arrested, Dash confessed to the crimes, police said.

Dash started as a burglar in 1982 when he was in college after meeting his guru in jail as he was imprisoned for some time over a clash between two groups of students, they said.


He used to stay in rooms next to rich men in luxury hotels across the country, and rob them, police said.

Dash told police that he used crowbars to break locks and safes, earning him the nickname.

Though he started burglary along with his guru after getting out of jail in 1982, for the last 34 years, he operated alone, police said.

He splurged most of his ill-gotten money, estimated to be around Rs 5 crore, on liquor and call girls, police said.

“I operated alone and took women from Kolkata during tours to other cities. I frequently visited Mumbai, Chennai and other cities and booked rooms in star hotels,” Dash told reporters at a press conference here.

He said his main target has always been cash and not gold as he feared that stealing valuables may lead to his arrest.

Bhubaneswars Deputy Commissioner of Police US Dash said they were tracking him after he was found to be a suspect in three cases of burglary in the Bhubaneswar. He was caught in CCTV in two of these incidents.

More than 100 cases are registered against him in the Bhubaneswar alone, police said.

He was arrested in 2018 and sent to jail. After being released, he did not go home despite having a family, they said.

Dash was again caught last year and sent to jail in Puri. He was released from the jail in July, and three burglary cases were reported from different areas of Bhubaneswar thereafter, police said.

“I am 59 years old and now I retire from all such activities. I appeal to all my brothers to quit the act of burglary, taking my instance. I earned a lot but now a pauper,” he said.

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