No end to vitriol as BJP leader says CAA critics can be ‘wiped out’ fast

BJP flag. Representational image. Photo: PTI file.

There seems to be no end to diatribe and vitriol even after the anti-CAA protests have wound down across the country. As if to fan the flames, two BJP leaders have made provocative remarks, apparently directed at Muslims.

Leela Ram Gurjar, BJP MLA from Kaithal in Haryana, has said those opposing CAA and NRC can be ‘wiped out’ in an hour. This came after Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s statement that Muslims had 150 countries to go but Hindus had only one.

Ram Gurjar was speaking at an event in his constituency in support of the amended citizenship law. He said, “Aaj yeh Jawaharlal Nehru ka Hindustan nahi hai, aaj yeh Gandhi wala nahi hai. Aaj yeh Hindustan hai, Narendra Modi ji ka. Miya ji, ab yeh Hindustan, Narendra Modi ji ka hai, agar ishara ho gaya na, toh ek ghante mei safaya kar denege (India is not of Jawaharlal Nehru or of Gandhi today, but it is of Narendra Modi. If we get a signal, within one hour we will wipe them out).”


Referring to the amended citizenship law, he said in a video clip that Modi had taken up this initiative.

“If Muslims think there is a conspiracy to make them leave the country, there is nothing of that sort in this act. But those who have illegally entered the country will definitely have to go,” he said.

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The Gujarat CM made the statement in a pro-CAA rally outside Sabarmati ashram in Gujarat. “Muslims have 150 countries where they can live, but for Hindus, there is only one country, and that is Bharat.”

He also added that even Gandhiji and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had supported the idea of granting citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and slammed the Congress for not honouring Mahatma’s wishes by opposing CAA.

While he assured that Indian Muslims would not be affected by the legislation, he pointed out the reduction in the percentage of minorities in the three countries which are covered in the Act- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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Pro-CAA rallies are being carried out across the country by BJP leaders in an effort to garner support for the Act which has seen nationwide protests and stiff resistance from some of the Chief ministers.

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