Modi gives Twitter a peek into ‘precious moments’ with his winged friends

The Prime Minister shared a montage of photos and videos showing him feeding peafowl at his official residence

A montage of photos and videos shows Narendra Modi feeding the birds not just outside but even inside his residence. Photo: Twitter video grab/Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi’s love for nature is well-known. There was another glimpse of it on Sunday when a video uploaded on social media showed the special bond that he shares with peacocks and peahen that roam freely at his official residence in New Delhi.

The video, a montage of photos and videos, shows him feeding the birds not just outside but even inside the residence. They also accompany him in all their glory — with their feathers spread — as he goes about his morning walk at his 7, Lok Kalyan Marg residence amid the lush-green lawns.

The video was posted with the caption “precious moments” accompanied by a poem in Hindi. He seems to be fascinated by the birds, whom he probably misses when he is away from Delhi.

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In a tweet on January 17, just before leaving on an official visit to Maharashtra and Gujarat, he put a social media post with pictures of peacocks at his official residence saying, “Will see these friends at 7 LKM (Lok Kalyan Marg) after three days.”

It is not just peacocks, Modi cares for other birds, too. He is said to have kept chabootras for birds to rest and even make nests.

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