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Many graduate applicants had not got the jobs according to the qualification and had to work in private firms and toiled for 12 hours with no job security. Representational image only. Photo: iStock.

Modi directs recruitment of 10 lakh people in govt services over next 1.5 years

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked various government departments and ministries to undertake the recruitment of 10 lakh people on a “mission mode” in the next year and a half, his office said on Tuesday.

The direction from Modi came following a review of the status of human resources in all government departments and ministries, the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) said.

The governments decision comes amid the oppositions frequent criticism of it on the issue of unemployment. A large number of vacant posts in different government sectors has often been flagged.

The decision to fill up 10 lakh posts in the next 18 months means that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will have something solid to counter the oppositions criticism of its government on the issue of unemployment in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

The country will be gearing up for the next general election, expected to be held in April-May in 2024, by the end of 18 months from now.

“PM Narendra Modi reviewed the status of Human Resources in all departments and ministries and instructed that recruitment of 10 lakh people be done by the Government in mission mode in next 1.5 years,” the PMO said in a tweet.

Government sources said various departments and ministries were asked to prepare details of vacancies following Modis direction to this effect and the decision to recruit 10 lakh people was taken following an overall review.

During various Assembly polls, opposition parties have tried to corner the BJP over the issue of unemployment, but the saffron party has been successful in neutralising the criticism with its planks of welfarism, development and Hindutva.

It has also consistently refuted the oppositions charge on unemployment, arguing that its various programmes have led to a rise in entrepreneurship and overall employment generation.

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