MEA: Pak downgrading ties attempt to present alarming picture to world

S Jaishankar - The Federal
Ministry of External Affairs has termed the transition in Jammu and Kashmir an internal affair. Photo: PTI

India on Thursday (August 8) termed Pakistan’s announcement to downgrade diplomatic ties with it as an attempt to present an alarming picture to the world about relations between the two countries.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said that the Constitution was, is and will always be a sovereign matter and recent developments pertaining to Article 370 are entirely India’s internal affair.

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The ministry said India regretted the steps announced by Pakistan on Wednesday, and urged Islamabad to review them so that normal channels for diplomatic communications are preserved.

“Recent decisions by the government and Parliament of India are driven by a commitment to extend to Jammu and Kashmir opportunities for development that were earlier denied by a temporary provision in the Constitution,” the ministry said.