Lord Ram is love, he can never appear in hatred, says Rahul Gandhi

His comments came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the ‘bhoomi poojan’ of the proposed Ram temple in Ayodhya at the disputed site

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi’s comment follows the Ministry of External Affairs’ (MEA) criticism of international celebrities (most prominent being Rihana and Greta Thunberg) for commenting on the ongoing farmers' protest.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday (August 5) that Lord Ram was the “ultimate embodiment” of supreme human values and could never appear in cruelty, hatred or injustice.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said in Hindi, “Maryada Purshottam Lord Ram is the ultimate embodiment of supreme human values. He is the core of humanism embedded deep in our hearts”.


“Ram is love, he can never appear in hatred. Ram is compassion, he can never appear in cruelty. Ram is justice, he can never appear in injustice,” he added.

His comments came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the ‘bhoomi poojan’ of the proposed Ram temple in Ayodhya at the disputed site.

Earlier, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Tuesday (August 4) that Lord Ram is with everyone, a day before the ceremony.

She also put out a statement hoping that the ceremony became an occasion of “national unity, brotherhood, and cultural harmony”.

She said in a tweet, “Ramayana has left an indelible mark on the civilization of the world and the Indian sub-continent. For ages, Lord Ram’s character has helped the Indian sub-continent… Lord Ram belongs to everybody. Lord Ram wants everybody’s welfare. That is why he is called ‘Maryada Purshottam’.”

Meanwhile, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan took a dig at the priorities of the Centre amid a virus pandemic by saying, “Oh, you are very keen on this? Okay, if you are asking for the response of CPI (M), it is there in the public domain. The political bureau has made it clear already. If you are asking for the government’s response, India has crossed 19 lakh in COVID-19 cases. Lakhs of people are suffering from poverty due to the pandemic. These are our priorities. That is the reason the government of Kerala is taking actions in this direction.”

On Rahul and Priyanka’s statements, he said, “There is nothing to wonder. The Congress has always been the propagators of soft Hindutva. Hindutva forces entered Ayodhya when the Congress was in power. The site was opened and handed over to them by the Congress government.

“Silanyas was allowed by Rajiv Gandhi. When Hindutva brigades entered Ayodhya to raze Babri Masjid, the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao did not stop them but only aided them with silence,” he asserted.

On the other hand, Congress leader and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said Lord Ram teaches people the importance of truth, justice, equality of all. “Lord Ram holds a unique place in our culture and civilization. His life teaches us the importance of truth, justice, equality of all, compassion and brotherhood. We need to focus on establishing an egalitarian society based on the values espoused by Lord Ram,” he said in a tweet.

“May Lord Ram’s temple become a symbol of unity and brotherhood in our country,” he added.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh also congratulated the people of the country, saying the event fulfilled the “long cherished desire” of every Indian.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called for preserving brotherhood between communities and the age-old legacy of unity in diversity.

“Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas mein hain Bhai Bhai! Mera Bharat Mahaan, Mahaan Hamara Hindustan.

“Our country has always upheld the age-old legacy of unity in diversity, and we must preserve this to our last breath!” Banerjee tweeted.

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