Indian students from Ukraine universities allowed to complete medical education in other countries


Indian medical students who had returned from war-torn Ukraine will now be able to relocate to universities in other countries and complete their studies.

Considering the special circumstances, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has agreed to recognise the academic mobility programme offered by Ukraine to allow such students complete their education as the degree will be awarded by the parent Ukrainian university only.

According to the NMC Act, students studying in foreign medical colleges are required to complete their education and obtain a degree from a single university only.

A public notice issued by NMC on Tuesday said the mobility program offered by Ukraine has been considered in the Commission in consultation with the Ministry of External Affairs, wherein it was intimated that the academic mobility program is a temporary relocation to other universities in different countries globally.  However, the degree will be awarded by the parent Ukrainian university, the official notice from NMC read.

“The Commission hereby conveys its no-objection for academic mobility programme in respect of Indian medical students who are studying in Ukraine provided that other criteria of Screening Test Regulations 2002 are fulfilled,” the public notice said.

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