‘Idli on a stick’ has Twitter drooling in delight – and fuming

Anand Mahindra and Shashi Tharoor recently got talking about the innovative dish from Bengaluru, drawing the attention of Twitter users of all tastes.

Many people liked the creativity in the dish while many others screamed 'nooo…'

When it comes to experimentation with food, when do you say stop? When is a dish creative and when, well just plain cringe-worthy?

It may well be a matter of taste, as recent food innovations circulating on social media show. Take a bite of this – idli on a stick, the maggie milkshake, Fanta omelette? Wait, what, are you gagging already, or drooling in anticipation?

The idli on a stick recently got Shashi Tharoor and Anand Mahindra tweeting, and apparently divided in opinion about the dish.

Business magnate Mahindra put out a picture of a plate of idlis on a stick with sambhar and coconut chutney on the side, looking for reactions on Twitter. The post accumulated 1731 retweets and 20.2K likes as his followers started posting about the innovative dish from Bengaluru.


Parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor shared the post and seemed to like the idea of an idli on a stick. “Absurd but practical,” he tweeted.

The most interesting were the reactions of the twitterati, however, many of whom supported the creativity in the dish while many others screamed “nooo…”

Some pointed out how the idea would save the washing of hands, and how it was an easy to eat snack; many others called it “hideous” and spoke fondly of eating idlis with bare hands.

“Actually Idlis are also done in cups or a kind of cups made of leaf called ‘Kotte Kadubu’ in south Canara. So this is nothing new but the stick which is an accumulation of waste as it cannot be eaten by stick,” one user tweeted.

Another said: “Certain things need to stay the same. It’s not Idli. That thing is cooked idli batter on a stick! For us Indians, food is an emotion too. We see, smell, touch and then feel food and we use our hand to eat food to complete the experience. It’s a BIG NO!”

Yet others began posting memes, and some put out more innovative foods such as – hold your breath – a pizza cone!

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