ICMR invites all hospitals with COVID-19 cases to join collaborative network

Aim of the network is to develop specific clinical management protocols for treatment of the disease

Hospitals need to provide data on the status and progress of the admitted patients. Photo: PTI

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has invited all government and private hospitals that are currently managing COVID-19 cases to join a collaborative network for the treatment of the disease.

Named ‘India COVID-19 Clinical Research Collaborative Network’, it has been suggested by the National Task Force and would be coordinated by the ICMR.

In a statement on April 6, the ICMR said the goal of this network was to enhance the clinical understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic in India in order to develop specific clinical management protocols and further research for the treatment.

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The medical research body has also said a central database has been created for clinical and laboratory parameters of hospitalised COVID-19 cases. Inviting all hospitals that are attending to the cases to join the network, the ICMR has given a registration form.

“Hospitals should continue to independently report concerned data to central/state health authorities as per current guidelines,” the ICMR added in the statement.

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