Govt presents 50-day report card, says walking the talk on promises

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On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, Javadekar said the media has the power to inform and enlighten people. Photo: PTI.

Presenting a report card after completing 50 days in office, the Modi government on Monday (July 22) said that it is already “walking the talk” on the promise of rapid development, and the pace of reform in its second term has increased as compared with the previous tenure.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar presented the the report card and achievements of the government, asserting that “speed, skill and scale” have been manifested in the first 50 days of its second term. He said that the government has hit the ground running for the welfare of all sections of the society, including farmers, traders, small businesses, unemployed youth, and middle class.

Javadekar said that the country has felt assured that the pace of reforms, welfare, and justice to all has increased as compared to the first term. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn-in on May 30 after the BJP won 303 seats – the first time since 1971 that an incumbent government returned to power with such a thumping mandate.


The target of a $5 trillion economy is not just a dream but a roadmap has been given for it, Javadekar told reporters. He asserted that the first 50 days have shown that Modi government’s second term will be more effective and will build on the success of its previous tenure.

The government has taken historic decisions which shows a clear roadmap of faster development in infrastructure, social justice, and education, he said. Javadekar expressed confidence over the successful launch of Chandrayaan-2 and added that India’s manned mission to space, Gaganyaan, will be launched in 2022.

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The prime minister’s presence on world forum has made a difference to India’s influence over world politics, the minister said. “With ₹100 lakh crore of investment to be made in roads, railways, ports, airports, and other infrastructure, the formation of Jal Shakti ministry, the mission to reach out to every house by 2024 with assured water supply, we are walking the talk with speed and many historical decisions,” he said.

Citing the setting up of a national research foundation, giving labour, particularly unorganised labour, and small and medium-sized enterprises required help for flourishing, he said that these efforts will not only increase the employment opportunities, but also ensure justice and welfare for all sections of the society.

He also expressed confidence that the government will achieve its dream of becoming a ₹5 trillion economy in the period in which it has decided to achieve the target. In the coming five years, new investment opportunities will be provided, Javadekar said.

“Investment will come from across globe. In 50 days, so much has been done for all sections of the society that people are assured of what Modi had said after assuming power that sabka saath, sabka vikas, aur sabka vishvas (with all, development for all, with everyones trust) and fast-paced development,” he said.

“People have seen action on this vision. Speed, skill and scale have been manifested in the 50 days. Farmers, soldiers, youth, labourers, middle class, traders, taking India forward, taking India’s relations with neighbours forward, investment, development of resources, fight against corruption and social justice, have been the highlights of 50 days,” he said.

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Listing the achievements of the government in the first 50 days in office, Javadekar said that important developments were ₹6,000 assistance to all farmers, increase in Minimum Support Price of several crops by two-three times, and 10,000 farmers’ organizations being formed.

He said that changes in labour code will benefit 40 crore informal sector workers through wage and labour security. The minister also highlighted steps taken to boost investment in the country such as ₹70,000 crore provided for Public Sector Banks (PSB) recapitalisation and a separate TV channel for start-ups to be launched.

He also underlined the success of steps taken by the government in reducing the impact of separatists in Jammu & Kashmir. The prime minister’s first decision after assuming office for the second term was for children of slain military and police personnel, giving scholarship to them.

Among other achievements of the government, he cited pension for traders, tax benefit for the middle class, benefits of home loans interest, and the Goods and Services Tax. The minister said that there is a massive push in the direction of making India a $5 trillion economy, with several measures announced in the budget from assistance to banks to corporate tax benefits.

Javadekar also highlighted the government’s crackdown on economic offenders and efforts to bring back those who are wanted, but have fled the country. He also talked about the government bringing a bill to crackdown on ponzi schemes.

The resolve of reform, welfare, and justice for all has been the driving force for the government, he said. Javadekar also talked about the decisiveness of government in safeguarding children against sexual crimes through amendments to the POCSO Act. He hailed the steps taken to reform medical education in the country.

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