G-20 events: Drives to check stray dogs, monkeys and pigeons, training of cab drivers part of preparations


In a meeting to review preparations for the G-20 Summit and related events in the city, Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena was informed on Thursday that the work by different departments was being “hampered” due to unauthorised and illegal occupation of government land.

It was decided in the meeting to train Uber drivers and make their payment portals compatible to transactions through international credit cards, and to carry out special drives to tackle the problem of stray cattle, dogs as well as monkeys and pigeons.

A total of 26 departments and agencies are working on specific tasks assigned to them, of which 24 submitted their action plans for consideration in the meeting.

The railways and the CPWD that did not come up with their action plans were directed to submit the same within a week, according to a statement from the LGs office.

“It was informed that a bulk of the work was in the domain of PWD, Delhi government, MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) and railways and the same was getting hampered because of unauthorized and illegal occupation of government land and roads,” the statement said.

The LG insisted that nobody should be removed in a callous and inhuman manner without providing them the required rehabilitation, relocation and assistance as provided by law, it said.

The representative of the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB), responsible for rehabilitation and relocation, said the needed step was being taken in coordination with the land-owning agencies and any relocation will happen only after proper issuing of notice and provision of required alternative space and facilities.

“It was accordingly agreed in the meeting to start with removal of unauthorised occupation and constructions on right of way, as DUSIB had provided alternate location along with all facilities, to relocate and rehabilitate the unauthorised occupants.” Decisions were also taken to ensure hassle-free and seamless movement of passengers on airports, railway stations and bus terminals apart from training of Uber drivers and making their payment portals compatible to debits through international credit cards, since most visitors have access to Uber apps and use credit cards.

Similarly, special drives with regards to handling of stray dogs, stray cattle, monkeys and pigeons are to be undertaken by the agencies concerned.

Various events like a vintage car rally, cyclothon, electric car rally, G-20 golf tournament and G-20 film festival have also been planned in the run-up to the Summit, added the statement.

The meeting chaired by Saxena and Delhi governments social welfare minister Raj Kumar Anand could not be attended by the Delhi Chief Minister and other ministers, said the LG office statement.

Preparations in the run-up to the forthcoming G-20 Summit and its allied events will set into motion with the meeting of foreign ministers of the member countries on March 1-2, it said.

Saxena said in the meeting that the G-20 Summit is an opportunity to spruce up and give a makeover to the city and fix all lacking components concerning civic infrastructure.

“Be it repair or construction of roads, fixing of hanging wires, removing encroachment on footpaths and roads, management of garbage, cleaning of the city, tackling the recurrent issue of water logging, addressing the issue of dark spots, traffic bottlenecks or overall aesthetic upgradation of the city, G-20 was an opportunity to address it all,” the LG said.

He requested all the departments concerned to work in tandem with seamless coordination. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was instructed to scrupulously carry out garbage disposal and ensure that footpaths and pedestrian subways were not illegally occupied, it said.

The Tourism department was asked to come up with the detailed plan of action with regards to availability of hotel rooms, guest houses, and other accommodation for delegates and visitors.

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