‘Don’t mislead people’: Delhi HC rebukes Ramdev over remark on COVID vaccine efficacy

Ramdev had recently questioned the efficacy of the COVID vaccine after US President Joe Biden contracted the virus despite being administered a booster dose

Baba Ramdev in a file photo

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday cautioned yoga guru Baba Ramdev to be watchful of his words after the latter recently questioned the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, citing the example of American President Joe Biden.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event recently, Ramdev had said that the fact that Biden tested positive for COVID even after taking the booster dose shows that only allopathy is not sufficient to fight the virus, and needs to be backed by yoga and Ayurveda.

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The court said such statements could mislead the people while dragging the name of a foreign president may embarrass the country on the international stage. The court also said that such remarks also tarnish the good name of Ayurveda.

“One is, I am concerned about the good name of Ayurveda being destroyed. I am concerned about it. Ayurveda is a recognized, ancient system of medicine. Let’s not do anything to harm the good name of Ayurveda,” Justice Anup Jairam Bhambani said.

“The second is, here people are being named. It can have international consequences for our relations, country’s relations with foreign countries…Leaders are being named which will affect our good relations with foreign nations,” he observed.

Justice Bhambani was hearing a suit filed by different doctors’ association against Ramdev for his remarks.

Observing that it is up to an individual to take the vaccine, but a person also shouldn’t propagate his or her own formulation while dissing the vaccine.

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“…Don’t mislead the public by saying more than what is official,” the court told Ramdev.

The lawyer representing the doctors’ associations also informed the court that till date the Patanjali website touts that ‘Coronil is a treatment for Coronavirus which is backed by research.’