COVID-19: Rlys now keeping record of destination address of passengers for contact tracing

The provision to include the destination address has been made on the IRCTC website from May 13. Representational image: iStock

The railways has started keeping records of destination address of all passengers booking their tickets on the IRCTC website to help facilitate contact tracing in case COVID-19 infections are detected among them later, officials said Thursday (May 14).

The provision to include the destination address has been made on the IRCTC website from May 13.

“With effect from May 13, IRCTC taking destination address of all passengers booking tickets. This will help in contact tracing, if required later,” Railway spokesperson RD Bajpai said, adding it would now be a permanent feature for the near future. He also said that keeping in view the coronavirus crisis, it will be mandatory for passengers to fill up their address details for any bookings.


Earlier, in at least 12 cases, passengers travelling in trains were later found to be COVID-19 positive.

Over 2 lakh passengers booked tickets worth Rs 45 cr for spl trains over next 7 days

Over two lakh passengers have booked tickets worth Rs 45.30 crore for travel in the next seven days, the railways said.

It said 20,149 passengers travelled on the special trains on Wednesday and 25,737 are scheduled to travel on 18 special trains operating on Thursday. The total revenue generated so far for these tickets is Rs 45,30,09,675. With the railways beginning its special passenger services on May 12 for 15 pairs of trains between Delhi and major cities of the country, officials said, over 9,000 people left the national capital on Wednesday on board nine trains.

According to data accessed by PTI, of the nine trains from Delhi on Wednesday, eight which left for Howrah, Jammu, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Dibrugarh, Mumbai, Ranchi and Ahmedabad were booked beyond their capacity. Only one train, to Bihars capital Patna, ran at 87 per cent capacity, the data showed. Of the nine trains that left for their destinations on Wednesday, the Howrah to New Delhi train, which can carry 1,126 people at a time, had a booking for 1,377 passengers which is 122 per cent of the trains capacity.

The New Delhi-Thiruvananthapuram special train was booked at 133 per cent of its capacity, and the New Delhi-Chennai train ran at 150 per cent occupancy. Similarly, the New Delhi-Jammu Tawi special ran at 109 per cent occupancy; the New Delhi-Ranchi train at 115 per cent occupancy; the New Delhi-Mumbai Central train at 117 per cent; New Delhi-Ahmedabad at 102 per cent and the New Delhi-Dibrugarh train ran at an occupancy of 133 per cent.

“Overbooking does not mean that passengers are standing in the aisles, it just means that there is movement of people while the train is on the run. People are boarding and deboarding at halt stations and there have been multiple bookings,” an official said.

Among the trains that departed from Delhi, the only train on Wednesday which did not run on its full capacity was the New Delhi-Rajendra Nagar (Patna) train which had a capacity of 1,239, but carried only 1,077 passengers making it only 87 per cent full. Officials said the reason behind low occupancy of the train could be that Bihar has already accounted for over 100 trains which carried its workers home since May 1.

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